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Dr. Nanavati DVM
      The Doctor arrived here in 1975 with the hopes of opening his own practice. After 5 years of hard work and long hours he opened up the Ansonia Animal Hospital in 1980. After more hard work and dedication to the community he opened a Clinic in Oxford in 1990. Dr. Nanavati has done many humanitarian work for the valley, state of Connecticut as well as having drives for disaster relief world wide.

Dwarka Nanavati

    The doctors wife has been a huge part of the doctors life in helping with his career, she gave up being a college professor, and worked countless hours to help him and the hospital succeed. behind every great doctor is a spouse who cares.

Becky Mahon

   Everyone favorite nurse, who has been asked by name almost everyday. She started with us in 2005 and has been a main stay ever since! She works everyday and is our cornerstone with our kitten adoption program.

Meghan Rickel

  Our newest employee who helps with surgeries, fornt of office work and animal care. She is also a nurse at griffin hospital. It always great to help humans and animals!